Do you see yourself as an Elsa or an Iron Man? Would you like to win a cool prize just for dressing up as your favourite character from TV and film? Are you aged under 14? If so, you're in luck as the Invasion Colchester Children's Fancy Dress Competition is taking place in Culver Square Shopping Centre on Saturday, 1st September!

There will be three different age catergories - 4 and under, 5-8 and 9+ - and First, Second and Third placed prizes in each category.

To get your hands on a prize, put on your best costume, bought or home-made, head in to Colchester town centre for Invasion Colchester, get loads of high-fives from everyone because you look totally awesome, and make sure you’re near the Batmobile in Culver Square Shopping Centre at the alloted time.

Good luck!

Competition Timetable
Age Range Judging Time Location
4 and unders 11am Culver Square
5-8 year olds 12.30pm Culver Square
9+ 2pm Culver Square

The Fancy Dress Competition area will be roped off and only the children entering the competition will be permitted into the area - unless the children are really little, parents will be asked to stay behind the rope to avoid unecessary crowding.

Prizes will be in view on the competition table and once the competitions have been judged and the winners have been awarded their prizes, a group photograph will be taken.